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This is a list of issues that WC CAN is currently tracking and that we've had time to post information about.  Currently, we've posted information about the Intel DEQ air emission permit.  We hope to add more as time and resources allow.

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  • A DEQ permit granting Intel significant increases in air-polluting emissions and toxins at new plants being built in Aloha and Ronler Acres, with minimal self-reporting and no requirement to measure air quality or health impacts in surrounding communities;
  • County Land Use ordinances that would benefit favored landowner/developers (#771, #772), despite earlier policy decisions that responded to citizen concerns;
  • Interim preparation of Legislative proposals addressing tax fairness, affordable housing, reduction of homelessness, and environmental concerns;
  • County and city Transportation System Plan Updates, the $1.5 million Westside Transportation Solutions Study, and construction projects that impact neighborhood livability and farm/forest/natural area protections.
  • Continuing pressure for State and local government policy changes to fast-track costly industrial sprawl, short-cut citizen involvement, and divert taxpayers’ dollars to subsidize huge corporate employers – while ignoring local or homegrown business opportunities for more sustainable economic growth.
  • The Tonquin Quarry development application in Clackamas County, which borders and impacts Washington County neighborhoods, roads, and important natural areas.