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The "Local Govt. Links" and "Special Districts" pages have links to official bodies you might want to contact.

The "Useful Links" page now has a few links to some good sources of information.  As we expand it, it will include:

  • Local/regional expertise on topics related to our goals – consultants on sustainable planning for land use/ transportation, livable community designs, energy independence, food independence, economic alternatives, affordable housing, community organizing, culltural arts, strategies to address inequalities and injustice, campaign organizing, etc. (this region has a lot of such talent),
  • Studies, articles, videos, documentaries, and other materials that may help our groups' educational, advocacy, legal or political efforts, and
  • Basic books – classic and recent – to help us better understand issues, challenges, and options as we work toward our goals.

We could use your help building and/or managing this part of the site.  If you have experience/expertise with collecting and indexing reference materials for easy access by general readers, please contact us at admin@wc-can.org.